Animal Nutrition: Consensus Reports

The division produces 60-70 reports per year. These reports are unique, authoritative expert evaluations. Each report is produced by a committee of experts selected by the Academy to address a particular statement of task and is subject to a rigorous, independent peer review. The experts who volunteer their time participating on study committees are vetted to make sure that the committee has the range of expertise needed to address the task, that they have a balance of perspectives, and to identify and eliminate members with conflicts of interest. All reports undergo a rigorous, independent peer review to assure that the statement of task has been addressed, that conclusions are adequately supported, and that all important issues raised by the reviewers are addressed. Thus, while the reports represent views of the committee, they also are endorsed by the Academy.

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Nutrient Requirements of Swine: Eleventh Revised Edition (2012)

The latest in a series of National Research Council reports provides updated advice on the energy and nutrient requirements of swine to help maintain an efficient, profitable, and environmentally conscious swine industry. Since 1944, there have been 10 editions of the Nutrient Requirements of Swine, a publication that has guided nutritionists and other professionals in developing and implementing feeding programs for swine. However, since th... More >>

Workforce Needs in Veterinary Medicine (2012)

The veterinary medical profession faces several challenges in coming years, including maintaining the economic sustainability of veterinary practice and education, building its scholarly foundation, and evolving to meet changing societal needs, this report finds. In recent years, the dominant focus of the profession has shifted from farm animal health to companion animal care, and concerns are growing that this emphasis is directing resource... More >>

Report in Brief

Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp (2011)

Report in Brief >> The continued growth of the aquatic farming industry depends on the development of nutritious feeds that maximize fish growth and health while minimizing the environmental impacts caused by uneaten feed and animal waste—a challenge that can only be met with updated information on the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp. This report, the latest in a series of National Research Council reports on the nutritional needs o... More >>

Report in Brief

Safety of Dietary Supplements for Horses, Dogs, and Cats (2008)

Growing numbers of pet owners are giving their pets dietary supplements in hopes of supporting their health. This increased use of animal dietary supplements has raised concerns regarding the safety of specific supplements and the guidelines for determining safety of dietary supplements for horses, dogs, and cats. At the request of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Natural Research Council convened a committee of experts to assess th... More >>

Report in Brief

Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants: Sheep, Goats, Cervids, and New World Camelids (2007)

Updating two previous National Research Council publications, this report provides an evaluation of the scientific literature on the nutrient requirements of sheep, goats, and other small ruminants in all stages of life. Proper formulation of diet for small ruminants to maintain good health depends on adequate knowledge of their nutrient requirements. The report provides information on how nutrient requirements vary depending on the breed an... More >>