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The Division hosts many workshops, symposia, and other meetings that provide information or bring together policy-makers, members of industry, scientists, and the general public to discuss timely issues. Discussions at workshops and other events are often published in workshop summaries, websites, newsletters, and other formats to preserve and make publicly accessible the information or discussions from the event.

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Grand Challenges in Earthquake Engineering Research: A Community Workshop Report (2011)

In recent years, significant advances have been made in the science and technology of earthquake engineering, but problems, barriers, and bottlenecks still stand in the way of making the nation earthquake resilient. To help plan future research investments in the field, the NRC hosted a workshop to discuss next-generation U.S. needs for basic earthquake engineering research. Workshop participants from a variety of disciplines assembled t... More >>

Research and Applications Needs in Flood Hydrology Science: A Summary of the October 15, 2008 Workshop (2009)

Flood damages have increased greatly over the past century, in part because of increased development in floodplain areas. Unfortunately, conventional methods used to understand and plan for flooding -- for example by considering flood risk when designing structures and setting insurance rates -- have become outdated. This report summarizes the discussions at a two-day workshop held by the National Research Council to foster dialogue among th... More >>

Disaster Risk Management in an Age of Climate Change: A Summary of the April 3, 2008 Workshop of the Disasters Roundtable (2009)

In its report Climate Change 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) noted that global change is likely to result in increased drought, intense tropical cyclone activity, heat waves, and floods in certain regions of the world, including parts of the United States, other developed countries, and developing nations. It further suggested that such developments would require policy makers and other stakeholders to give increase... More >>

The Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster: Implications for U.S. and Global Disaster Reduction and Preparedness - Summary of the June 21, 2005 Workshop of the Disasters Roundtable (2006)

The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami resulted in one of the greatest "natural" disasters that the world has seen in modern times. The impact of the catastrophe was felt world wide, with scores of nationals from other countries, many drawn to the impacted areas by tourist attractions, among the dead and injured, and unprecedented government and non-government disaster relief and recovery efforts mounted from every corner of the globe. On Jun... More >>

Lessons Learned Between Hurricanes: From Hugo to Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne - Summary of the March 8, 2005 Workshop of the Disasters Roundtable (2005)

This report summarizes the March 8, 2005 workshop of the Disasters Roundtable, "Lessons Learned between Hurricanes: From Hugo to Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne," which explored the extent that strategies for countering the challenges presented by hurricanes have changed since Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Workshop participants examined the effectiveness of technological advances and efforts to apply knowledge gained from past hurricane events t... More >>