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Citrus Greening Research Review: Webinar on Economic/Sociological Impacts of HLB/HLB Management Strategies

10:00 AM ET - 1:00 PM ET
October 18, 2017

Location: Web

Webinar on Economic/Sociological Impacts of HLB/HLB Management Strategies
October 18, 2017

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10:00 am - Welcome, introductions, and overview of webinar agenda
  • Jacque Fletcher, Committee Chair

10:10 am - Economic impact of FL citrus industry and the importance of investment in HLB mitigation and management strategies in preserving the industry for the long-term
  • Marisa Zansler, Florida Department of Citrus
10:40 am - Q&A

10:45 am - Economic evaluation of ACP/HLB control/management strategies
  • Fritz Roka, UF Southwest Florida Research and Education Center
11:05 am - Q&A

11:10 am - Economic barriers to participation in Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)
  • Ariel Singerman, UF CREC
11:30 am - Consumer attitudes toward genetic modification to manage HLB
  • Lisa House, UF
11:50 am - Q&A

Invited speakers may address these questions in their presentations or during the discussion (Part II of webinar).

  • In what ways do sociological and economic factors influence the successful implementation of scientifically-derived HLB management strategies?
  • How can the social science and agricultural economics research communities help the citrus industry with HLB management?
  • Is there a need for more economic/sociological studies, and if so, on what topics related to HLB/HLB management?
  • Are the current assessment methods suitable and adequate or is there a need for different models and resource bases?
  • How can we increase research utilization and ensure that the best available knowledge is used to inform policy and grower practice?

Discussants: All invited speakers, committee members, invited discussants, and registered participants.
11:55 am - Discussion guidelines
  • Jacque Fletcher, Committee Chair
12:00 pm - Discussion
  • Experiences and insights from work on the economic aspects of HLB/HLB management
  • Possible ways to overcome the current challenges in this area of research
  • Approaches or techniques that are worth exploring
1:00 pm - Closing remarks/adjourn webinar