Past Event

Dimensions of Microbiology

April 18, 2011


The meeting highlighted some of the many dimensions of microbiology, showcased new frontiers in microbial research, and reflected the wide-ranging ways that microbes affect our planet and our society. The morning sessions included a discussion of waterborne microbes and their roles in the environment and in human health, along with perspectives on current concerns such as the biosecurity implications of microbiology and the development of antibiotic resistance. Sessions in the afternoon looked forward to research developments in fields like metagenomics and synthetic biology, and in the understanding of microbial community interactions.

The meeting was part of a series designed to bring the Earth & Life Studies committee together with invited guests who share an ongoing interest in the wide range of environmental, physical, and life sciences subjects covered by the division as part of the Academies' mission to serve as independent advisors to the nation.

Download the meeting agenda here (PDF).

Below, speakers share brief highlights of their research in short video segments. Presentations delivered at the meeting are available in this Vimeo album.


Rita Colwell of the University of Maryland (click here for presentation video)

Jacqueline Fletcher of Oklahoma State University

Jo Handelsman of Yale University (click here for presentation video)

Reshma Shetty of Gingko BioWorks (click here for presentation video)

Peter Greenberg of the University of Washington (click here for presentation video)

Barry Eisenstein of Cubist Pharmaceuticals (click here for presentation video)

Karen Nelson of the J. Craig Venter Institute (click here for presentation video)

Joan Rose of Michigan State University (click here for presentation video)

Vanessa Sperandio of the University of Texas-Southwestern (click here for presentation video)

Margaret McFall-Ngai of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (click here for presentation video)