Past Event

Meeting 7: Current Status of and Progress toward Eliminating Highly Enriched Uranium Use in Fuel for Civilian Research and Test Reactors

Study in Progress: Public Meeting
June 24, 2015 - June 25, 2015

Location: TBD

Wednesday, June 24

*Times listed below are US Eastern Time Zone (UTC - 05:00)

Hampton Inn Oak Ridge, Secret City Room

7:30 am* Call to Order and Welcome

  • Introduction of committee and NAS staff
  • Guidance for open sessions
Julia Phillips, committee chair

7:45 am Review of Research Reactor Fuel Development at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
Jong-Man Park, Project Manager of Plate-type Research Reactor Fuel Development and Advanced High Performance Research Reactor Fuel Development Projects, KAERI
(22 MB download)

8:45 am Objectives and Constraints for Research Reactor Conversion Design: Assessing Alternatives
John Stevens, International Reactor Conversion Technical Lead and Manager of Research and Test Reactor Department, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

9:45 am BREAK

10:00 am Examples of Research Reactor Conversion Assessment of Alternatives
Benoit Dionne, Section Manager, Conversion Analysis and Methods, ANL

11:00 am Progress toward Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) Fuel Conversion of the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR)
David Renfro, HFIR LEU Fuel Conversion Project Manager, Research Reactors Division, UT-Battelle, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

12:00 pm Gather lunch (catered) for next session and break

12:30 pm The Fuel Fabrication Capability (FFC) Pillar in FY16 and Beyond: Applied Engineering & Demonstration
Jared Wight, FFC Technical Pillar Lead, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

1:15 pm Current Status of and Progress toward Eliminating Highly Enriched Uranium Use in Fuel for Civilian Research and Test Reactors
Hollie Longmire, Program Manager for LEU Applications, Y12 National Security Complex

2:15 pm End of Public Meeting

Thursday, June 25
High Flux Isotope Facility (HFIR)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), 1 Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830


ORNL and HFIR, various locations

Space has been reserved on the tour for the public.

8:00 am ORNL Building 7917 Conference Room (CR) 108

8:00 am Welcome, introductions, and overview of morning's activities

8:10 am Overview of HFIR's and the Spallation Neutron Source's (SNS's) neutron science missions

8:25 am Overview of HFIR's isotope production, material irradiation, and neutron activation analysis (NAA) missions

8:40 am Introduction to HFIR tour and safety briefing

9:00 am HFIR Building 7900 Gallery

9:00 am HFIR performance, fuel design and fabrication, and safe operation

9:20 am HFIR isotope production and materials irradiation mission

9:50 am HFIR NAA lab

10:20 am HFIR Beam room and guide hall

10:20 am Neutron science mission

12:00 pm ORNL Building 7917 CR 108

Wrap-up/catered lunch (public will not be provided lunch)

12:45 pm Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) tour

1:45 pm End of Public Meeting


Y-12 Fuel Fabrication Facility

Due to Y12's safety and security policies, members of the public will not be allowed on the facility tour. A summary of the tour will be provided in the closed session minutes posted on the study's web site:

2:00 pm Check-in at Y12's New Hope Center (visitors center)

2:30 pm Meet at Building 9202, Welcome and Briefings on tour safety/security

3:00 pm Tour Development LEU fuel production line

5:00 pm End of tour