Past Event

Meeting 4: Supplemental Treatment of Low-Activity Waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Study in Progress: Public Meeting
November 29, 2018 - November 30, 2018

Location: Marriott Courtyard Richland Columbia Point
480 Columbia Point Drive Richland WA 99352

Click here to view videos of the November 29 and 30 meetings

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-- Briefing about the Observation of the FFRDC Working Meeting on October 16-17, 2018
Rachel Detwiler, committee member [oral comments - no slides]
(Note: For a written summary of the meeting, see the Summary of National Academies Committee Representatives' Observations on the FFRDC Working Meeting in Albuquerque, NM on October 16-17, 2018.)

-- Washington State Department of Ecology's Perspective on the Most Recent FFRDC's Draft Report and the Committee's Review Report
Suzanne Dahl and Alex Smith, Washington State Department of Ecology

-- Perspective from Hanford Advisory Board's Chair on the Recent Report
Susan Leckband, chair [oral comments -- no slides]

-- Perspective from Hanford Communities' Executive Director on the Recent Report
Pam Larsen, executive director [oral comments -- no slides]

Presentations from FFRDC team members (Note: All of the FFRDC presentations are in one file. Additionally, in the video Susan Leckband and Pam Larsen spoke after Alex Cozzi and before George Guthrie.):

-- Cover letter from the FFRDC Team to Committee, July 31, 2018
-- Introduction of FFRDC Team Study -- Bill Bates, Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL)
-- Process Overview and Major Assumptions/Bases -- Michael Stone, SRNL
-- Pertinent Pre-Treatment Technologies and Maturities -- Robert Jubin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
-- Vitrification Case -- Alex Cozzi, SRNL
-- Grout Cases 1 and 2 -- George Guthrie, Los Alamos National Laboratory
-- Steam Reforming Cases 1and 2 -- Nick Soelberg, Idaho National Laboratory
-- Onsite Disposal Performance Evaluation (IDF) -- Tom Brouns, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
-- Offsite Transportation & Disposal (WCS) -- John Cochran, Sandia National Laboratories
-- Risk Analysis -- Steve Unwin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
-- Estimate and Schedule Summary -- William "Gene" Ramsey, SRNL

Additional member presentation:
-- NDAA -- Hanford Supplemental LAW Evaluation Cost Estimate Status -- William "Gene" Ramsey, SRNL (Note: Revised draft of presentation presented to the committee on 11/30/2018)

Additional Discussion with the FFRDC Team

-- Perspective of the Nez Perce Tribal Nation
Jack Bell, Director of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Program [oral comments -- no slides]