Past Event

Roundtable Workshop 4: Countering Terrorism: Lessons Learned from Natural and Technological Disasters

February 28, 2002 - March 1, 2002

Location: National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave NW Washington DC 20418


9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
Rutherford H. Platt, University of Massachusetts, and Chair

9:05 AM The National Academies Counter Terrorism Activities
Douglas C. Bauer, Director of Counter Terrorism, the National Academies

9:20 AM Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Stephen P. Leatherman, Florida International University

9:25 AM Role of the Office of Homeland Security
Michael Byrne, Office of Homeland Security

10:15 AM Session 1 - Panel on Lessons Learned from Research on Risk Perception and Communication

Moderator: Mary Fran Myers, University of Colorado

10:20 AM Risk Perception

Paul Slovic, University of Oregon

10:40 AM Risk Communication and Disaster Warning
John Sorensen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

11:00 AM Role of the Media
Henry Quarantelli, University of Delaware

11:20 AM Open discussion

1:15 PM Session II - Panel on Lessons Learned from Emergency Preparedness and Response

Moderator: William A. Anderson, National Research Council

1:20 PM Community Emergency Preparedness for Terrorist Threats
Michael Lindell, Texas A&M University

1:40 PM Group and Organizational Response
Kathleen Tierney, University of Delaware

2:00 PM Evacuation
Susan L. Cutter, University of South Carolina

2:20 PM Open discussion

3:00 PM Session III - Practitioner Panel on Cross-Disaster Experience: Meeting the Challenge of Different Types of Disasters.

Moderator: Richard Little, National Research Council
Jon Hansen, Formerly of Oklahoma City Fire Department
Charles M. Hess, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Marianne Jackson, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Richard Rotanz, City of New York

4:25 PM Open discussion

*** 9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction of Keynote Speaker
James P. Bruce, Global Change Strategies International, Inc., Ottawa

9:05 AM Keynote Address: The Role of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Combating Natural and Human-Induced Disasters
Eric Noji, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Office of Homeland Security

9:55 AM Session I - Panel on Public Health Systems Lessons

Moderator: Wilfred D. Iwan, California Institute of Technology

10:00 AM Hospital Preparedness
Ken Bloem, Johns Hopkins University

10:20 AM Implications of the Impacts of Past Natural Disaster Events on Public Health Systems
Kim Shoaf, Center for Public Health and Disasters, University of California, Los Angeles

10:40 AM Insights Derived from Cross-Disaster Public Health Experience
Don Weiss, New York City Department of Health

11:00 AM Open discussion

12:45 PM Session II - Panel on Capacity Building: Meeting the Needs for New Skills and Resources for Combating Terrorism by Building on Natural and Technological Disaster Experience and Resources

Moderator: Richard Sylves, University of Delaware

12:50 PM View of Practitioners
Peter LaPorte, Washington DC Office of Emergency Management

Mark Penn, Arlington County Fire Department

Frances Winslow, San Jose Office of Emergency Services (Download Presentation)

Stuart Nishenko, Pacific Gas & Electric (Abstract) (Download Presentation)

2:25 PM View of Researchers

William Waugh, Georgia State University

Sam Stratton, Los Angeles County EMS and UCLA
Jack Harrald, George Washington University
Ken Mitchell, Rutgers University

3:45 PM Open discussion

4:15 PM Concluding remarks

4:20 PM Adjourn

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