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Roundtable Workshop 8: The Emergency Manager of the Future

June 13, 2003

Location: Keck Center of the National Academies
500 Fifth St. NW Washington DC 20001

The nation is changing in terms of its demographics, the types of risks it faces, and in many other ways. The emergency manager of the future will have to cope with such changes in order to further effective mitigation, preparedness, and response and recovery efforts throughout the United States. The objective of this workshop is to provide the opportunity for practitioners, decision-makers, researchers and other stakeholders to discuss and exchange views and perspectives on challenges that emergency managers of tomorrow can expect to face, based on our current knowledge and experience. Expected opportunities for meeting future challenges, including those that can be provided by education, research and technology, will also be considered at the forum.

8:30 AM Welcome and Introductions
William H. Hooke, DR Chair, American Meteorological Society

8:35 AM Emergency Management Overview and Forum Objectives
Ellis M.Stanley, Sr., CEM, DR Steering Committee,
General Manager, City of Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department

8:45 AM Facing New Challenges "A World in Flux: Emergency Management Challenges and Opportunities"
Thomas Drabek, Professor of Sociology, University of Denver
9:15 AM Today and Tomorrow: Views of Practitioners and Decision Makers

Moderated discussion with emergency management experts and decision-makers to discuss challenges that future emergency managers will face based on the anticipated vulnerability of the nation to particular types of risks, such as natural,technological and human-induced hazards. The challenges they consider will include resource and institutional problems, and the need for all-hazards planning and interoperability. Possible solutions to such challenges will be discussed in later sessions.

J.R. Thomas, CEM, Director, Franklin Co. Emergency Management Agency, and President, International Association of Emergency Managers

Eric Tolbert, Director, Response Division, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security

10:45 AM Higher Education Needs of the Emergency Manager of the Future

Moderated discussion with experts involved in emergency management studies programs. They will offer their views on how university-based programs can best meet the needs of future emergency managers and decision makers given the challenges they will face this century.

John R. Harrald, Director, Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management, George Washington University

B. Wayne Blanchard,Higher Education Project Manager, Emergency Management Institute, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Brenda Phillips, Professor, Institute for Emergency Preparedness, Jacksonville State University, Alabama

1:10 PM Research Needed to Support the Emergency Manager of the Future

Moderated discussion with representatives from the research and practice communities to discuss major research that is needed to help advance the field of emergency management and how to transfer the knowledge to end-users once the research results have been obtained.

Dennis Wenger, Program Director, National Science Foundation

Michael Lindell, Director, Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Texas A&M University

John Pine, Professor, Louisiana State University

2:15 PM The Role of Technology in Furthering the Effectiveness of Emergency Management

Moderated discussion with experts familiar with modern technological tools, such as GIS, that can help meet today and tomorrow's challenges. They will discuss the place of such tools for emergency management planning, response and communication and other relevant activities.

Matt Walton, President, E-Team, Inc.

John Young, Director, Enterprise Solutions, ESRI

3:35 PM The Next Generation

Moderated discussion with emerging experts at the beginning of their careers. They will provide their perspectives regarding tomorrow's possibilities for research and practice in the emergency management field.

Jim Kendra, Research Coordinator, Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware and Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Ethan Beckcom, Student, Arkansas Tech University

Chris Wright, Manager, Emergency Operations, Amgen Inc.

4:40 PM Wrap Up: Where have we come from and where are we going?

Moderators: Bill Hooke, DR Chair and Ellis Stanley, Sr., CEM, DR Member

Workshop Summaries Resulting from this Event

The Emergency Manager of the Future - Summary of a Workshop (2003)

From hurricanes to terrorism, natural, technological, and other disasters can have potentially life-threatening effects. Emergency managers of the future will need to have the necessary skills to be prepared for these and other events. The workshop discussed the role and responsibility of emergency managers of the future and the resources needed to meet forthcoming challenges. More >>

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