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Roundtable Workshop 7: The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program at Twenty-Five Years: Accomplishments and Challenges

February 20, 2003

Location: National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave NW Washington DC 20418


8:15 AM Welcome and Introductions
William H. Hooke - DR Chair, American Meteorological Society

8:50 AM Perspectives of NEHRP Agencies

Moderator: Richard Sylves, University of Delaware

Moderated discussion with key policy makers in the four NEHRP agencies. Issues to be addressed in this session include how the program fits into agenciesbgnificant program accomplishments and challenges faced during the past 25 years, and the greatest future challenge for the overall program.

8:55 AM Anthony S. Lowe, Administrator, Federal Insurance and Mitigation, Federal Emergency Management Agency

9:15 AM Charles G. Groat, Director, U.S. Geological Survey

9:35 AM Peter Freeman, Assistant Director, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate, National Science Foundation

9:55 AM Arden L. Bement, Jr., Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology

10:15 AM Questions and Discussion

10:30 AM BREAK

10:45 AM Putting NEHRP to Use

Moderator: Susan Tubbesing, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Moderated discussion on the accomplishments and challenges of implementing NEHRP from the perspective of private sector and government stakeholders.

10:50 AM Ellis M. Stanley, Sr., City of Los Angeles

11:10 AM Lloyd Cluff, Pacific Gas and Electric (Download Presentation)

11:30 AM Chris D. Poland, Degenkolb Engineers (Download Presentation)

11:50 AM Cliff Roblee, California Department of Transportation (Download Presentation)

12:10 PM Questions and Discussion

12:25 PM LUNCH

1:35 PM Past, Present, & Future Frontiers in Research

Moderator: David Applegate, American Geological Institute
Moderated discussion on research issues with perspectives from the science, engineering, and social science communities.

1:40 PM Earthquake Science
Tom Jordan,Univerisity of Southern California

2:00 PM Earthquake Engineering
Thomas D. O'Rourke, Cornell University

2:20 PM Social Science and Planning
Daniel J. Alesch, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

2:40 PM Questions and Discussion


3:10 PM NEHRP Challenges and Priorities

Moderator: Ross Corotis, University of Colorado
Moderated discussion with the program principals from the four NEHRP agencies focusing on such issues as the high priority challenges they see for their individual agencies and the program as a whole, including coordination,and the key messages they are taking away from the workshop.

Craig Wingo, FEMA

John Filson, USGS

Priscilla Nelson, NSF

Shyam Sunder, NIST

4:15 PM Questions and Discussion

4:45 PM Wrap-Up: Reflections on NEHRP
Robert A Olson, Robert Olson Associates

5:15 PM Adjourn to Reception in Great Hall

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