Past Event

Technological Challenges in Antibiotic Discovery and Development

September 23, 2013

Location: Keck Center of the National Academies
500 Fifth St. NW Washington DC 20001

You are cordially invited to attend a workshop on Technological Challenges in Antibiotic Discovery and Development hosted by the National Academies' Chemical Sciences Roundtable on September 23, 2013.

The workshop will explore the current state of antibiotic development, examine the technology available to facilitate development, the technical challenges present, identify approaches to antibiotic discovery, and discuss the incentives and disincentives industry faces in antibiotic development. In addition to the workshop presentations, we anticipate a lively discussion with attendees and panelists, including academic and industrial scientists, and representatives of interested government agencies.

The workshop will begin with an overview and be followed by three sessions, including Challenges in Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance, Challenges in Screening, and Challenges in Drug Discovery. Each session will be followed by a discussion, with a more general panel discussion at the end of the day.

Confirmed Speakers include:

Dr. Rosemarie Aurigemma, Chief, Drug Development Section
Office of Biodefense, Research Resources, and Translational Medicine
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Dr. Lynn Silver, Independent Consultant
Formerly with Merck's Antibacterials Group
Dr. Chaitan Khosla, Professor of Chemical Engineer, Chemistry, and Biochemistry
Stanford University
Dr. J. Ruben Morones-Ramirez, Professor of Chemistry Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon

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Workshop Summaries Resulting from this Event

Technological Challenges in Antibiotic Discovery and Development: (2014)

As antibiotic resistance emerges as an increasingly serious public health threat, needs are growing for new antibiotics that can overcome or bypass resistance to existing therapies. However, researchers face a number of technological challenges, including discovery of new antibiotic compounds, identifying new drug targets, and developing methods for delivering the drugs to sites of infection in the body. A recent Chemical Sciences Roundtabl... More >>