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Webinar: Environmental Interventions to Promote Coral Reef Persistence

Topics: Life Sciences
4:00pm EDT - 5:30pm EDT
August 2, 2018

Location: Web

This webinar is one component of the information-gathering activities that may inform the deliberations of the National Academies' Committee on Interventions to Increase the Resilience of Coral Reefs. Speakers in this webinar will discuss the feasibility and effectiveness of approaches to manage the physical and chemical environment to promote survival of coral reefs at risk from ocean warming and acidification.

Click links below to download PDF files of the speaker's presentation

Opening Remarks
Ken Anthony, Committee Member | Video

Context on Future Conditions
Mark Eakin, NOAA | Video

Interventions to Address Ocean Acidification
Greg Rau, University of California Santa Cruz | Video

Shading and Cooling Interventions
Mark Baird, CSIRO

Marine Cloud Brightening
Robert Wood, University of Washington | Video

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Organizing Body:

Ocean Studies Board

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Ocean Studies Board

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Board on Life Sciences


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