Consensus Report

Nutrient Requirements of Horses: Sixth Revised Edition (2007)

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According to the American Horse Council, there were more than 9 million horses in the United States in 2005 and more than 2 million people involved in horse ownership. The economic impact of the U.S. horse industry is estimated to be more than $100 billion per year. This report, in its sixth edition, provides scientifically based information on the nutrient requirements of domestic horses and ponies. It also provides guidelines for equine feeding management and discusses the nutritional/metabolic ailments that afflict horses. It is based on scientific research, with particular emphasis on the research conducted since 1989 when the last edition of this report was published. The report guides owners in specific needs of horses according to type of use, age, and physiological state. Feeding management of other equids, such as donkeys and wild equids kept in captivity, is also discussed. The report includes a new web-based computer program to assist users in determining the specific nutrient requirements of their horses.