Consensus Report

Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants: Sheep, Goats, Cervids, and New World Camelids (2007)

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Updating two previous National Research Council publications, this report provides an evaluation of the scientific literature on the nutrient requirements of sheep, goats, and other small ruminants in all stages of life. Proper formulation of diet for small ruminants to maintain good health depends on adequate knowledge of their nutrient requirements. The report provides information on how nutrient requirements vary depending on the breed and age of the animal and whether he or she is exercising, pregnant, or lactating. In addition, the effects of the environment, feed additives, and metabolism modifiers on nutrient requirements are addressed. For the first time, this authoritative reference work includes information on cervids (e.g., deer) and camelids (e.g., camels and llamas). Primarily intended for animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and other scientists, some sections will be useful to individual sheep and goat owners and managers and to those responsible for the care and management of wildlife species.