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Nutrient Requirements of Swine: Eleventh Revised Edition (2012)

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The latest in a series of National Research Council reports provides updated advice on the energy and nutrient requirements of swine to help maintain an efficient, profitable, and environmentally conscious swine industry. Since 1944, there have been 10 editions of the Nutrient Requirements of Swine, a publication that has guided nutritionists and other professionals in developing and implementing feeding programs for swine. However, since the last report in the series in 1998, the swine industry has undergone considerable changes. This eleventh edition evaluates the most recent scientific literature to provide updated information, including a review of the value of corn and soybean-based byproducts from the biofuel industry as food for swine, and revised and revamped nutrient tables. The report also includes updated and expanded computer models to estimate energy, amino acid, calcium and phosphorus requirements for swine at different life stages. A suite of additional resources (see below) is available to complement the report, including the computer model with user guide and a series of case studies to help users understand the scope and limits of the models.

Supporting materials:

Computer models to determine the nutrient requirements of swine [XLS] - The computer models enable the calculation of nutrient requirements of starting and growing-finishing pigs and of sows during gestation and lactation. The programs also enable the user to examine diet adequacy and to calculate nutrient excretion.

User guide to the computer model [PDF] - The user guide fully explains how to run the computer models on various different types of computers.

Case Studies [PDF] - A series of case studies is designed to help users understand the use and application of the computer models.

Case Studies [RTF] - The RTF version of the case studies allows instructors and others to modify the case studies to suite their individual circumstances.

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Committee on Nutrient Requirements of Swine

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Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources


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