Study in Progress

Improving the Understanding of Clouds and Aerosols in Climate Models


Opportunities to Improve the Representation of Clouds and Aerosols in Climate Models with National Collection Systems: Unclassified Workshop - 06/24/15

Statement of Task

An ad hoc committee will organize a classified workshop to discuss the usefulness of national collection systems to advance understanding of aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions. Such an improved understanding could lead to a more accurate representation of clouds, precipitation, and aerosols in climate models, reducing the uncertainty of climate projections. The workshop will bring together leading climate experts with scientists from the Intelligence Community who have expertise in the relevant collection systems.

Workshop attendees will be asked to discuss the following questions:

  • How could the national collection systems be utilized to advance understanding of aerosol- cloud-precipitation interactions?
  • What are the potential contributions to climate modeling?
  • What follow-on scientific research could render such improvements using national collection systems?
The committee will plan and organize the workshop, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions. An individually-authored classified summary and an individually-authored public summary of the presentations and discussions at the workshop will be prepared by a designated rapporteur in accordance with institutional guidelines.