Study in Progress

Statement of Task

An ad hoc committee will issue a consensus report summarizing scientific challenges and priorities regarding Mississippi River water quality monitoring and evaluation.

The report will be based in large part on presentations and information gathered during a two-day public workshop. This event will include presentations that focus on the science behind understanding Mississippi River basin water quality conditions. The emphasis will be on the science and evaluation of water quality conditions, along with discussion and dialogue about these and other related issues. The geographical focus will be on the 10-state Mississippi River corridor and the northern Gulf of Mexico. The committee will develop the agenda, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions.

Goals of the two-day workshop include:

- promote basin-wide dialogue of current scientific understanding of water quality conditions,
- discuss scientific uncertainties, relevant issues of time and scale, and priority areas for future water quality monitoring and evaluation,
- discuss ongoing programs for nutrient management and downstream water quality implications, discuss institutional frameworks for future water quality evaluation and administration, and provide a platform for future discussion, collaboration, and learning of water quality conditions and changes along the Mississippi River and across the river basin.

Following the workshop, the committee will convene an additional meeting at which it will prepare a brief consensus report that provides the committee's conclusions regarding scientific challenges and priorities for Mississippi River water quality monitoring and evaluation. The report will not make recommendations regarding budgets, resource management practices, or economic policies.

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