Study in Progress

Sources of Lead Contamination at or near Superfund Sites

Statement of Task

An ad hoc committee will examine the extent to which various sources contribute to environmental lead concentrations in areas at or near Superfund sites that are situated within or adjacent to lead-mining areas. The committee will consider whether sources, such as naturally occurring lead, lead-based paint, and the consumer use of products that contain lead, are significant contributors to environmental contamination problems identified through the Superfund site assessment process. In addition, it will consider the extent to which the chemical form of lead in the environmental media can be attributed to particular kinds of sources.

The committee will focus primarily on sources contributing to environmental lead concentrations at or near Superfund sites within or adjacent to the Southeast Missouri Lead Mining District. It also will consider several Superfund sites within or adjacent to other lead mining areas in the United States.

The committee will recommend potential improvements in approaches used for assessing sources of lead contamination at or near Superfund sites, without recommending changes to the clean-up requirements or remediation activities at any designated site. The committee also will identify important research needs.