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A National Summit on Strategies to Manage Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

May 10, 2012
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Jack Morton Auditorium, Media and Public Affairs Building, George Washington University
805 21st Street NW Washington DC

The NRC hosted a one-day, open national summit of weed scientists, agronomists, and ecologists, along with representatives of federal and state research and regulatory agencies, the crop protection industry, and agricultural producers, to consider a coordinated strategy for managing herbicide-resistant weeds in the United States. This summit will address:

~environmental implications of herbicide-resistant weeds
~best management practices for addressing herbicide resistance
~challenges to and incentives for adopting best management practices

Policy-makers, agricultural producers, herbicide manufacturers, agronomists, and weed scientists can benefit from and contribute to these discussions.

For more information visit http://nas-sites.org/hr-weeds-summit