Upcoming Workshop

Data Science: Opportunities to Transform Chemical Sciences and Engineering, a Chemical Sciences Roundtable Workshop

February 27, 2018 - February 28, 2018
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Location: National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave NW Washington DC 20418

New technologies and approaches are generating large, diverse data sets, and data science offers the tools that are needed to interrogate, analyze and manage these data sets. However, data-science applications in the chemical sciences and engineering community have been relatively limited, and many opportunities for advancing the fields have gone unexplored. This workshop will highlight opportunities to integrate data science more fully into chemical sciences and engineering, discuss challenges to using data science, and tackle the question -- what training is needed to enable the future generation to increase and improve integration of data science into the chemical sciences and engineering? Come join us for an informative selection of plenary talks and an opportunity for in-depth discussion in breakout sessions.