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Although some Division-sponsored activities like workshops do not result in consensus reports, discussions at workshops and other events are often published in workshop summaries, websites, newsletters, and other formats to preserve and make publicly accessible the information or discussions from the event.

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Carbon Management: Implications for R&D in the Chemical Sciences and Technology (2001)

A report to the Chemical Sciences Roundtable, this collection of discussions was originally organized to address the concern that policies might be implemented in the realm of carbon management. The main focus of this workshop and the subsequent report was to determine what might be the best way to prepare if certain policies regarding carbon dioxide output or fossil fuel consumption were implemented in the future. More >>

Incorporating Science, Economics, and Sociology in Developing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards in International Trade (2000)

Presents proceedings of a conference held in Irvine, California, January 25-27, 1999. Papers presented at the conference and published in this proceedings examine the roles of the biological and natural sciences, economics, sociology, politics, and culture in the management of trade issues related to sanitary and phytosanitary standards in the post-Uruguay Round era. The proceedings also discusses elements that should be taken into consideratio... More >>