Workshop Proceeding

Informing Environmental Health Decisions Through Data Integration: Proceedings of a Workshop -- in Brief (2018)

Workshop Presentations and Video

Integrating large quantities of data from multiple, disparate sources can create new opportunities to understand complex environmental health questions. However, combining new types and larger quantities of data to inform a specific decision presents many new challenges. For example, investigators must develop methods to reliably integrate data from designed experiments with data re-purposed from other uses, such as electronic health records, geo-spatial data sets, and crowd-based sources.

Scientists, policymakers, risk assessors and regulators came together at a February workshop to explore the promise and potential pitfalls of environmental health data integration. The workshop included a "mini-course" that presented a framework and design principles for the visualization of data. Workshop participants worked together to conceptualize future research directions that could help incorporate these analyses into environmental health decision-making. Other sessions focused on emerging approaches for environmental health data integration and on data integration to drive decision making.