Workshop Proceeding

This report summarizes the March 8, 2005 workshop of the Disasters Roundtable, "Lessons Learned between Hurricanes: From Hugo to Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne," which explored the extent that strategies for countering the challenges presented by hurricanes have changed since Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Workshop participants examined the effectiveness of technological advances and efforts to apply knowledge gained from past hurricane events to the response efforts of the 2004 hurricane season. The span between Hugo and the 2004 hurricane season, which also included impacts from other disaster agents such as the 2001 terrorist attacks, have provided opportunities for emergency managers, academics, government agencies and the general public to learn lessons for coping with hurricanes and other disasters. The workshop summarized herein occurred prior to the hurricane season of 2005 that produced Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, in August and September respectively, along the Gulf coast of the United States. Some of the statements made by speakers may seem prescient. As of this summary\u0092s writing, the damages from these two hurricanes continue to be assessed.