Workshop Proceeding

Federal policy documents written since 9/11 have stressed that the private and public sectors share equal responsibility for the security of the nation's critical infrastructure and key assets, yet coordinated disaster preparedness and response continues to be hampered by a lack of collaborative engagement between these sectors. Local governments need to collaborate with all elements of the community -- the private sector, nongovernment, and faith-based organizations -- to strengthen their communities and prepare for crisis. The National Research Council formed a committee to assess the current state of public-private collaboration as a means of enhancing community disaster resilience. A public workshop was organized to inform the committee of the characteristics of successful and enduring private-public collaborations for community resilience, to describe incentives and barriers to their formation, and to identify elements of the cultural environment necessary for them to thrive. This report is the first of two reports from the committee. The final report will include a recommended framework for private-public collaboration to support community disaster resilience.