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Discussions at workshops and other events are often published in workshop summaries, websites, newsletters, and other formats to preserve and make publicly accessible the information or discussions from the event.

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Scientific Advances in Animal Nutrition: Promise for a New Century (2002)

This symposium proceedings was structured for a diverse audience of decision-makers in government, academic institutions, foundations, and private industry who are in positions to understand, direct and support continued positive impacts and growth in animal nutrition. More >>

Emerging Animal Diseases: Global Markets, Global Safety: Workshop Summary (2002)

The recent appearance of certain animal diseases, both familiar and novel, accidental and deliberate, has put the U.S. veterinary, medical, food, and regulatory systems on notice. Many questions about our scientific knowledge and nationwide preparedness have been raised. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) convened a workshop to provide an opportunity for researchers, policymakers, health officials, and industry representatives to examin... More >>

Incorporating Science, Economics, and Sociology in Developing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards in International Trade (2000)

Presents proceedings of a conference held in Irvine, California, January 25-27, 1999. Papers presented at the conference and published in this proceedings examine the roles of the biological and natural sciences, economics, sociology, politics, and culture in the management of trade issues related to sanitary and phytosanitary standards in the post-Uruguay Round era. The proceedings also discusses elements that should be taken into consideratio... More >>

Professional Societies and Ecologically Based Pest Management: Proceedings of a Workshop (2000)

Proceedings of a workshop exploring opportunities to accelerate progress in development of biological and natural approached to pest and pathogen control. More >>