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Review of the Climate Change Science Special Report

A new ad hoc Committee will conduct an independent review of the Special Report on Climate Change Science, which will be available in late 2016 to early 2017. The committee will conduct this review concurrent with the public review period for the Special Report and produce a report.


A Review of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

A Review of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives evaluates the purpose, goals, and scientific merits of the LCC program within the context of similar programs, and whether the program has resulted in measurable improvements in the health of fish, wildlife, and their habitats.



  • BASC Newsletter

  • Climate Change at the Academies

    This wide-ranging website brings together resources from across the Academies.

  • Mission Statement

    BASC is the focal point within the National Academies for activities related to the atmospheric and climate sciences.

  • Advice to the US Global Change Research Program

    This standing committee provides ongoing and focused advice to the US Global Change Research Program. The committee is broadly constituted to bring expertise in all the areas addressed by the USGCRP and is supported by the expertise of many units across the National Research Council.