Urban Forestry: Toward an Ecosystem Services Research Agenda

Presentations and Video from the Workshop

Slides will download in .pdf format. 
The videos may also be accessed via this YouTube playlist.

  • Welcome and Purpose of Workshop -- Gary Allen (chair), Center for Chesapeake Communities Slides Video

  • Keynote remarks -- Ann Bartuska, USDA Slides Video

  • Urban Forestry within the Greater Urban Ecosystem: Session Introduction -- Marina Alberti, University of Washington Slides Video

  • Urban Ecosystems and Their Potential to Provide Ecosystem Services -- Richard Pouyat, USFS Slides Video

  • Ecosystem Services and Regional Tradeoffs: Resolving the Desert Forest Paradox -- Diane Pataki, University of Utah Slides Video

  • Challenges for Green Infrastructure at the Interface of Science, Practice and Policy -- Thomas Whitlow, Cornell University Slides Video

  • Panel Q & A Video
  • Biophysical Services of the Urban Forest: Session Introduction -- Kenneth Potter, University of Wisconsin Video
  • Hydrology/Stormwater -- Thomas Ballestero, University of New Hampshire Slides Video

  • Introducing Stuart Gaffin -- Kenneth Potter, University of Wisconsin
  • Urban Climate & Urban Forests: A View from New York -- Stuart Gaffin, Columbia University Slides Video

  • The Role of Urban Forests in Biodiversity Restoration -- Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware Slides Video

  • Panel Q & A Video
  • Day 2 Introduction -- Gary Allen (chair), Center for Chesapeake Communities Video
  • Tools for Ecosystem Service Evaluation: Session Introduction -- Marie O'Neill, University of Michigan Video
  • Mapping the Urban Forest from Above -- Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, University of Vermont Slides Video

  • The Role of Urban Forestry in Public Health -- Laura Jackson, EPA Slides Video

  • Panel Q & A Video
  • Managing the Urban Forest: Session Introduction -- Gary Allen, Center for Chesapeake Communities Video
  • Air Quality and Urban Forestry -- Janet McCabe, EPA Video

  • From Street Trees to Sustainability: Science, Practice, Tools -- Morgan Grove, USFS Slides Video

  • Management Challenges and Opportunities -- Mark Buscaino, Casey Trees Slides Video

  • Panel Q & A Video
  • Workshop Summary and Closing Remarks -- Gary Allen, Center for Chesapeake Communities Video

Other Materials