Board Members

Members of the Board are chosen through a careful process of search and selection in an endeavor to assemble a committee of the highest competence; they are chosen on the strength of their professional qualifications. Members are volunteers and serve as individuals, not as representatives of any institution. Appointments are made by the Chairman of the National Research Council. The term of appointment is typically 3 years.

2016 Membership
(Terms expire 12/31 of the year indicated)
Former Members

Gene Whitney, Chair (2018)
Congressional Research Service (Retired)
Washington, DC

M. Meghan Miller (2016)
Boulder, Colorado

R. Lyndon (Lyn) Arscott, NAE (2018)
Retired Executive Director
International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
Danvile, California

Isabel P. Montañez (2016)
University of California, Davis
Davis, California

Christopher (Scott) Cameron (2017)
Consulting Petroleum Geologist
GeoLogical Consulting, LLC
Houston, Texas

Henry N. Pollack (2016)
Professor of Geophysics (Emeritus)
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Carol P. Harden (2017)
Professor Emerita
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

 James M. Robertson (2016)
Director and State Geologist
Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
Madison, Wisconsin

T. Mark Harrison, NAS (2017)
Distinguished Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

 James Slutz (2019)
Senior Study Coordinator
National Petroleum Council
Fairfax, Virginia

Ann S. Maest (2018)
Buka Environmental
Boulder, Colorado

 Shaowen Wang (2017)
Professor and Centennial Scholar
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, Illinois

David R. Maidment (2016)
Professor of Civil Engineering and Director
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas