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Thursday, November 10, 2016

NAS Building, Room 120


Past Meetings

Collaborative Graduate Training Initiatives in High Performance Computing for the Solid Earth Sciences

April 11, 2016
The Keck Center
Washington, DC


Artie Rodgers, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
High Performance Computing in Structural and Source Seismology

Renata Wentzcovitch, University of Minnesota
High Performance Computing in Mineral Physics and Materials Science


Panel 1: HPC Graduate Training: Case Studies and Best Practices

Louise Kellogg, University of California, Davis
Thorsten Becker, University of Southern California
Heiner Igel, University of Munich

Moderator: Cynthia Ebinger, COSG

Panel 2: Future Visions and Sustaining Mechanisms

Colin Thomson, Schlumberger
Jack Wells, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Geoffrey Fox, University of Indiana

Moderator: Bill Walter, COSG

Geophysical Research Challenges in the Coastal Zone

October 26, 2015
The Keck Center
Washington, DC


Panel 1: Solid-Earth Science Crossing the Shoreline

Jennifer Wade, NSF
Ben Phillips, NASA
Julia Morgan, Rice University

Panel 2: Applications and Technology for Solid-Earth Science Beyong the Shoreline

Diego Arcas, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
David Nichols, Schlumberger
David Chadwell, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Panel 3: Collaboration and Coordination of Solid-Earth Science Research Spanning the Shoreline

Rick Murray, NSF
Bob Detrick, Incorporated Research Institute for Seismology
John Haines, USGS
Carol Frost, NSF

2015 Spring Meeting

May 20, 2015

The Keck Center
Washington, DC

  Panel Discussion with Sponsors:

David Applegate, USGS
Ben Phillips, NASA
Leonard Johnson, NSF