Resources for Educators, Students, and the General Public

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Altweb: Alternatives to Animal Testing
Americans for Medical Progress (Printable Fact Sheets)
Animal Research Facts (FBR)
Animal Welfare Fact Sheet (USDA)
Audiovisual Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Teaching (NORINA)
Audiovisuals for Animal Care, Use, and Welfare (NAL)
Beyond Discovery: The Path from Research to Human Benefit (NAS brochure PDFs)
Complete List of Accredited Online Veterinary Colleges and Universities
Fact vs. Myth: About the essential need for animals in medical research
Firstgov for Kids
Kids 4 Research
Linking Research to Healthy Living
NIH Office of Education
National Center for Science Education (NCSE)
National Science Resources Center (NSRC)
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Principles and Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Precollege Education
Questions about Biomedical Research (MISMR)
Questions People Ask About Animals in Research (APS)
Science and Technology Concept for Middle Schools (STCMS)
Science Friday
Science, Medicine, and Animals
Selected Internet Resources for Science Fairs, Animals in Education and Research and more... (AWIC)
The Beginnings: The Laboratory and Animal Studies (FDA)
The Laboratory Rat: A Natural History
The Visible Mouse
The Whole Frog
Unusual Animal Careers
Veterinarian Career Resources (NetVet)
Why Animal Models? (MNAALAS)

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