About NRSB

The mission of the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board is to (1) provide an open forum for discussion, and (2) organize and oversee studies on safety, security, technical efficacy, and other policy and societal issues arising from the application of nuclear and radiation-based technologies, including:

  • Exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, including assessments and amelioration of biological, health, and other effects.
  • Generation, use, remediation, and disposition of nuclear materials and radioactive (including mixed) wastes.
  • Malevolent uses of nuclear and radiation-based technologies.
  • Risks, benefits, and/or efficacies of nuclear and radiation-based applications, including medical applications.

The board also supports the participation of the United States in the Radiation Effects Research Foundation and sponsors the annual Gilbert W. Beebe Symposium on radiation health effects.