Beebe 2014 Statement of Task

A National Research Council committee will organize the 2014 Gilbert W. Beebe Symposium on Applying Lessons Learned to Mitigate the Consequences of Nuclear Power Plant Accidents. This Beebe symposium will explore how experiences from past nuclear plant accidents can be used to mitigate the consequences of future accidents, if they occur. More specifically, the symposium will address lessons learned regarding:


  • Offsite emergency response (e.g., shelter, prophylactic medicine, evacuation) and long-term management of the accident consequences (e.g., cleanup of contaminated areas, resettlement).
  • Estimating radiation exposures of affected populations.
  • Health effects (e.g., mental distress, cancer, other diseases) and population monitoring.
  • Other radiological consequences (e.g., due to land and water contamination, disruption of food distribution, disruption of the economy).
  • Communication among plant officials, government officials, and the public and the role of the media.


The symposium will not address the causes of nuclear accidents or examine lessons learned regarding nuclear power plant design, operations, and regulations.