Organized: 1982

The Water Science and Technology Board was established in the National Research Council to provide a focal point for studies related to water resources accomplished under the aegis of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. The board's objective is to improve the scientific and technological basis for resolving important questions and issues associated with the efficient management and use of water resources.

In carrying out its responsibilities and to serve the national interest, the board responds to requests for evaluations and advice concerning specific and generic issues in water resources, influences action by initiating studies of issues that merit consideration by public agencies and others, identifies issues and topics of research related to water resources, and cooperates with other units of the National Research Council and groups with mutual interests outside the National Research Council.

The board's scope covers all dimensions of water resources, including science, engineering, economics, policy, educational issues, and social aspects.


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Water Science and Technology Board
The National Academies
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Telephone: 202-334-3422
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