Archive of Wolman Lectures

2008 Lecture - Peter H. Gleick
A Sustainable Vision for Water in the Twenty-First Century - Listen to Lecture (audio 39MB) or Download Lecture (pdf)

2006 Lecture - John M. Barry
Hydrology, Politics, and Katrina: Looking Backward, Going Forward

2004 Lecture - James Morgan
What Water Quality Is. Matrices of Sources, Uses, Criteria, Standards, and Technology

2003 Lecture - John J. Boland
Thinking About the Demands for Water Services: Why Is It Difficult to Understand?

2002 Lecture - Rita Colwell
A Global Thirst for Safe Water: The Case of Cholera

2001 Lecture - Perry McCarthy
Water Technology Development in the Twenty-First Century: What Should We Do, Not What Can We Do?

1999 Lecture - Gilbert White
Water Science and Technology: Some Lessons from the 20th Century

1998 Lecture - Kader Asmal
Water Life and Justice: A Late 20th Century Reflection From The South

The lecture was created by the Water Science and Technology Board in memory of Abel Wolman - Engineer, Scientist, Educator, and Advocate for Public Health through improved Water Supply and Sanitation. This is sponsored by National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Geological Survey.