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Video: Reducing Coastal Risks on the East and Gulf Coasts

Economic losses from coastal storms have increased substantially over the past century, largely due to increases in population and development in the most susceptible coastal areas. This report examines coastal risk reduction strategies for the East and Gulf Coasts. Learn more in this new video featuring the chair of the report committee.

Study in Progress

Decadal Study of Ocean Sciences 2015

The National Research Council is seeking guidance from the ocean sciences community on the prioritization of research and facilities for the coming decade. To fulfill its charge, this committee is asking for community input via a Virtual Town Hall.


Assessing Ecosystem Services

An ecosystem services approach to damage assessment-one that considers changes in the benefits natural processes deliver to society-will help capture the full value of losses resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This report discusses the benefits and challenges of this approach, offering suggestions for areas of future research.



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