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Discussions at workshops and other events are often published in workshop summaries, websites, newsletters, and other formats to preserve and make publicly accessible the information or discussions from the event.

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Recruiting Fishery Scientists: Workshop on Stock Assessment and Social Science Careers (2000)

The National Marine Fisheries Service employs many fishery scientists with diverse skills. The agency finds that the supply of fishery biologists is adequate to meet most of its needs. However, increasing demands on the agency to understand fish populations and the social and economic conditions in fishing communities have created a need for additional experts in the fields of fisheries stock assessment and social sciences. This report provide... More >>

Opportunities for Environmental Applications of Marine Biotechnology: Proceedings of the October 5-6, 1999 Workshop (2000)

The overall goals of the workshop were to examine opportunities for marine biotechnology, to discuss where things stood in the field of environmental marine biotechnology, to envision the field in the future, and to discuss any impediments that might be encountered along the way. Speaker summaries examine the current state of knowledge for each topic and highlighted the research needs in each area. This report also highlights the most recen... More >>