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These reports are unique, authoritative expert evaluations. Each report is produced by a committee of experts selected by the Academy to address a particular statement of task and is subject to a rigorous, independent peer review.

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A Review of the EPA Water Security Research and Technical Support Action Plan: Parts I and II (2003)

The events of September 11, 2001 heightened concerns regarding the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures, including the nation's water systems, to deliberate attack. The Environmental Protection Agency holds lead responsibility for protecting U.S. water systems, and in support of these responsibilities, the EPA developed the Water Security Research and Technical Support Action Plan. This 2004 report from the WSTB reviews the EPA Actio... More >>

Adaptive Monitoring and Assessment for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (2003)

The report evaluates the plan to monitor and assess the condition of Florida's Everglades as restoration efforts proceed. The report finds that the plan is well grounded in scientific theory and principals of adaptive management. However, steps should be taken to ensure that information from those monitoring the ecology of the Everglades is readily available to those implementing the overall restoration effort. Also, the plan needs to plac... More >>

The Missouri River Ecosystem: Exploring the Prospects of Recovery (2002)

This report reviews the Missouri River ecosystem's status and trends, science programs and status of scientific knowledge, and organizational arrangements for supporting ecosystem monitoring programs and for implementing adaptive management. More >>